Dance Makers | Wedding Dance Lessons
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Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Special

Five 50-Minute Private Lessons & 5 Hour-Long Practice Sessions – $295

For those couples that are preparing a dance for a special occasion we have a great program designed just for you!

 This package includes 5 hour-long private lessons and 5 times when you can reserve one of our ballrooms for practice. This gives you a great place to come and work on your routine, away from curious in-laws, excited pets, and painful living room furniture.

During the private lessons we will listen to your music (or help you find a song if you don’t already have one picked out), choreograph a routine for you, and teach you how to dance to it. Below are some tips to help you prepare for this exciting and memorable event.

Wedding Dance Tips

Don’t wait until the last minute. When preparing for an upcoming wedding it is easy to become overwhelmed. Often students decide to wait until close to the actual date of the wedding to learn how to dance to their song. Their reasoning behind this is that the material will be fresh on their minds so they are less likely to forget it. Trust us on this one, as that big date approaches you’ll have plenty of other things competing for your attention. It’s much better to learn your dance ahead of time so that it will feel so natural you won’t even have to think about it that night.

You don't have to Waltz

You don't have to Waltz

For many years Waltz was considered “The Wedding Dance.” This means that many romantic songs happen to be Waltz’s. Today, however, people are dancing to all types of music. From country ballads to spicy latin cha-cha’s, just about all types of music are being heard at weddings around the country.
Practice is supposed to be fun

Practice is supposed to be fun

Actually, your whole wedding is supposed to be fun but we know that this can be a stressful time. Just remember that your first dance is really just the beginning. Practicing your routine is a great way to relieve stress and have a couple laughs.
Keep it a surprise

Keep it a surprise

If you don’t tell all of your friends that you’re taking dance lessons, they won’t be expecting anything. That way, no matter how well you dance you will be sure to exceed their expectations. Two people that you should let in on the secret though are your DJ and Videographer.