Dance Makers | Private Groups & Parties
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Private Groups & Parties

Group Ballroom Dancing

Our Thursday Night Group Classes and Practice Parties are reserved for students who are currently enrolled and active in one of our dance programs and are not normally open to the public. If you would like to attend one of our open house Guest Parties, please contact the studio at 405-285-0095.

Attending Group Classes and Practice Parties is one of the most important things that you can do to become a better dancer. If you think of your private lessons as the lecture part of your learning, groups and parties are the lab. They give you the chance to try out everything that you’ve been learning so far in a real world environment.┬áBoth are normally scheduled on Thursday evenings. The group class dance changes weekly and occasionally there are themed parties. Check the calendar for additional details.

Thursday Night Group Classes

These are normally Thursday nights at 7:00. During the group you will work on a single dance for 50 minutes. This allows you to get much more in-depth and learn harder, more exciting patterns. The dance being taught rotates each week. We usually offer two skill levels at the same time, so beginners can attend a group right away.

Thursday Night Parties

Parties are just what you would think. This is our weekly chance to dim the lights, turn on the disco ball, and have a great time with the other students. The DJ is very good about telling you which dance is playing, so if you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be dancing you don’t have to guess. The parties give you a great opportunity to try your dancing out with the other students and instructors and learn how different people lead and follow. This also gives you the chance to practice maneuvering through crowded dancefloors (this is a very important skill to have.) Most importantly though, they’re just plain fun!